Registration for admission to classes Pre-KG,Jr KG and Sr KG shall be made from the first week of March, depending upon the availability of seats.Candidates should produce the authentic date of birth certificate at the time of admission.

Development of effective skills of communication, interpersonal relations, leadership qualities and a patriotic spirit culminating in the holistic development of personality.

Class Age Requirement

Note: Class Age (as on 31st August of the academic year)

Table 2: Class Age requirement

Courses Pre-KG Jr-KG Sr-KG 1st Standard - 10th Standard
Age Group 2.5 yrs to 3.5 yrs 3.5 yrs to 4.5 yrs 4.5 yrs to 5.5 yrs 5.5 yrs and Above


Transfer certificate/record sheet shall be issued at least 5 days after submission of an application for the same. All arrears of fee should be paid including the fee for the month in which the application is made.


The fees will be paid either Annam or Quarterly, if paid quarterly then for every quarterly fees to be paid before 7th of that quarter. If not paid on or before 7th , then late fee will be levied. If the fee is not paid by the end of that month, the pupil will not be permitted into the class till the arrears and find are paid off. The school management reserves the right to make any alter actions in the fee, having previously given notice at any time in the term immediately preceding that in which the revised fees come into effect.

Examinations and Promotions

  • Examinations are conducted regularly i.e., four unit tests and three terminal exams, including the annual exam.
  • The average of the academic performance of each child for the purpose of promotion shall be computed as follows:
    1. 25% of unit tests marks.
    2. 25% of quarterly and half yearly exam marks.
    3. 50% of annual exam marks.
  • The timetable and syllabus for the exams shall be intimated at least five days in advance.
  • Attendance at all exams is compulsory. Exemption may be granted on medical grounds, which shall be certified by a registered medical practitioner but no re exam will be conducted.
  • Dishonest or malpractice shall render a pupil to be debarred from the rest of the exams and even from the school.
  • Any pupil who has remitted his fees may be disallowed to any examination.
  • Promotions are made once an year, after the annual examination. Every pupil has to put a minimum of 90% attendance with a condo nation of up to 10% for valid reasons.

Exercise Books & Text Books

Each pupil should possess the prescribed text books and note books should bring regularly to the class as per the timetable. Books should be neatly covered, labeled and carried in school bag only.