Perfect destination for your Child's all-round development.


Being renowned Educationist, we traveled around the world and seen various quality of education given by many institutions. Our vision is to provide the similar global standard of education to our little angels of our native to meet the future challenges.Our concept and the philosophy have emanated from our deep sense of love and affection to our little angels of our native. To cherish the tenderness of the child's development is the early years is of course, essential to achieve the vision of India by 2020 as envisaged by our beloved Ex-president, Dr.A.P.J.Abdulkalam.


Our philosophy is unique. It is based on certain principles. Children need to be natured in an atmosphere of love and affection, which alone facilitates the harmonious development of young minds. Make them learn with great joy through play and provide recreational activities to channel the child’s exuberant energy and to kindle their thought their thought process.
To bring out their inherent qualities and to broaden their intellectual horizons, we need an innovative methodology. Good habits social manners and etiquettes can be inculcated only by proper training. Their inquisitive mind can be developed only through creative activities.Prepare them to face the challenges of tomorrow.


The curriculum has been designed for the all-round their cognitive, physical social, emotional and sensorial abilities. Children learn in an eco-friendly environment consonance with an innovative methodology of Montessori system. The entire curriculum encompasses highly systematic and step-by-step procedures ensuring learning by doing.


We have a team of well experienced, fully equipped, trained and highly dedicated staff members with utmost care in the holistic development of children.