The school also recognized by Government of Tamil Nadu. Recognition Number SL 004-22S-0002-0523.

Development of effective skills of communication, interpersonal relations, leadership qualities and a patriotic spirit culminating in the holistic development of personality.

All children are capable to acquire quality education. We provide a perfect blend of International standard education in an Indian way.

Courses Offered

Courses Ist Standard - XII'th Standard
Age Group 5.5 yrs and Above
Duration 1 Year
Timing(IST) 09.45 a.m to 12.30 p.m 01.20 p.m to 04.10 p.m

Code of Conduct for Students

Parents & School Co-Operation

  1. The school requires the parents to work jointly and co-operate with the school to help their children gain the maximum from what the school offers.
  2. The principal can meet only by prior appointment on all school days only in the office.
  3. Parents are requested to go through the reports & other messages occasionally sent to them by the principal/teachers in the calendar or other printed slips and respond promptly.
  4. Parents should check the notebooks of children periodically & ascertain that the written work in all the subjects is up to date.
  5. The progress of the pupil is tested by means of slip tests, unit tests & terminal examinations, namely quarterly, half and annual examinations.
  6. The time table and & syllabus for the tests shall be intimated to the parents at least five days before the test. Academic Achievement files (A.A.Files) shall be issued after one week following the unit tests. For terminal exams, A.A.Files shall be issued within a week of reopening the school. Parents should receive the A.A.File, go through the same and acknowledge its receipt by affixing their signature in it. A.A.Files should be returned to the school within two days after being issued.
  7. The parents are invited to school to collect the Academic Achievement files personally from the class teacher after each Unit tests and terminal examinations.
  8. In case of none receipt of Academic Achievement file as scheduled parents must contact the school office within 3 days for receiving the same.
  9. Parents should go through the Students dairy daily and take suitable measures if any and sign it regularly without fall.
  10. Parents should retain from:
    1. Sending letters which serve no purpose. They should meet the principal in person to discuss problems faced by their wards or to give any practical suggestions for improvement.
    2. Sending relatives, tutors or friends to meet the principal/teacher/other staff on their behalf.
    3. Visiting the school to meet the principal at times other than the prescribed time unless a serious situation requires such a visit.
    4. Applying leave for their wards for avoidable reasons.
    5. Engaging private tutors, especially teachers of this school without principals permission.
    6. Paying tips to the school peons & ayahs.
  11. Parents should give complaints, if any to the notice of the school office or the principal, but not to the teachers directly